Cross Connections

TCEQ General Requirements for Lawn Irrigation Systems

Need to Submit:

  1. Building permit application for accessory structures filled out completely.
  2. A plat of survey with sprinkler head locations indicate
  3. Manufactures cut sheets for all equipment to be
    1. (R.P.Z.) Reduced Pressure backflow Zone device.
    2. Device used to interrupt the operation of the landscape irrigation system during periods of rainfall or sufficient ground moisture.
  4. Lawn irrigation permit checklist filled out completely.

All lawn irrigation systems shall comply with the following regulations:

  1. I. The R.Z. (Reduced Pressure backflow Zone valve) shall be protected against freezing by removal when installed outdoors or in locations subject to freezing.
  2. The P.Z. shall not be installed in areas subject to flooding.
  3. The P.Z. shall not be located more than 5 feet above the finished floor or grade.
  4. Prior to initial operation, the R.P. shall be tested for proper operation by a Cross Connection Control Device Inspector (CCCDI). Records to verify testing and maintenance shall be available at the location where the R.P. Z. is installed, as well as, a copy forwarded to CCWSC Department for verification.
  5. The property owner shall be responsible for testing the R.P. on an annual basis. The results are to be forwarded the CCWSC (Ordinance# 11-25)
  6. Provide a drain down valve or other approved means of draining the system. The drain valve shall either be equipped with an anti-siphon device, a vacuum break or be a type that a hose cannot be connected to the valve.
  7. Sprinkler heads are permitted in the parkway, or utility easement, however, if sprinkler heads are installed in these areas the CCWSC assumes no liability for the sprinkler system if it is damaged or needs to be replace or repaired due to required work in these areas. This is solely the homeowner’s

The above items are only general requirements and do not represent all the requirements and codes associated with lawn irrigation systems. Each system is reviewed on an individual basis and on existing conditions.

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